Honeywell YouJie HF600 Desktop Omni-directional 1D / 2D Barcode Reader, USB, Black
Honeywell YouJie HF600 Desktop Omni-directional 1D / 2D Barcode Reader, USB, Black
ARTICLE No.: UJHF600-USB-B Availability: Usually 12 days Price:3 320,- exclude VAT 4 017,2 incl. VAT
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Honeywell YouJie HF600 Desktop Omni-directional 1D / 2D Barcode Reader, USB, Black

With affordable price and stable performance, HF600 is the ideal choice for various small and medium-sized enterprises with 2D scanning needs, including but not  limited to E-membership card reading, mobile coupon scanning, warehousing and logistics document control. Honeywell YouJie HF600 Desktop Omni-directional 1D / 2D Barcode Reader, USB, Black
Honeywell YouJie HF600 Desktop Omni-directional 1D / 2D Barcode Reader, USB, Black
Availability: Usually 12 days

Warranty (months): 12

3 320,-  exclude VAT
4 017,2 incl. VAT

Weight: 0.5kg


With 2D barcodes increasing their popularity in various applications, customers are looking for affordable high-performance 2D barcode scanners. Designed with leading technology and superior performance, Youjie launches a new hands-free area-imaging scanner Youjie HF600, which can be widely used in multiple applications, such as retail POS, logistics tracking, pharmacy and office automation.
Youjie HF600 Presentation Area-imaging Scanner Features and Benefits:
  • Ergonomic Design: 2-modular body design with large window can easily meet various scanning needs.
  • Switch for Mobile Scanning: a single button enables the optimal scanning of 2D barcodes on mobile phones, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Sleep Mode with IR Activation: effectively reduces power consumption, extends product life and lowers operating costs.
  • Intelligent Lighting Technology: with 3 adjustable lighting options, scanner illumination is optimized for superior 2D scanning performance and high motion tolerance.

Technical Description

Functionality & Operation
Communication interfaceUSB
1D Barcode SymbologiesAll standard one-dimension barcodes
2D Code Symbologiesall standard 2D-Codes
Light sourcevisible red LED 617 nm
Minimum symbol contrast35%
Power Source5 VDC ± 0,5 V
Power Consumption - Standby0.45W
Power Consumption - Operation2W
DimensionsWidth: 98.2mm, Height: 170mm, Length: 87.4mm
Operating temperature0 to 40°C
Storage temperature-40 to 60°C
Maximal ambient light100000lux
Shock resistancedrop from 1 m onto concrete surface
Storage humidity (non-condensing)0 to 95%

Vendor code: YJ HF600-1-2USB


Required accessories
None available
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Recommended Accessories
None available
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