TSC MX-240 / MX-340 / MX-640 series of industrial barcode printers features excellent performance and high durability. The printer is designed for demanding users who would not accept any compromise. Barcode printer TSC MX-series can instantly replace any most competitive products thanks the native emulation of command languages Zebra, Eltron, Datamax and Sato. The TSC MX printer achieves higher performance and easier operation for a lower cost. TSC MX-240 / MX-340 / MX-640 can be equipped with a cutter, dispensor, internal rewinder and RFID encoder (HF or UHF).
TSC MX-640 Metal Industrial Bar Code Printer, 600 dpi, 6 ips
  • Manufacturer: TSC
  • ARTICLE No.: TSC-MX-640
  • Warranty (months): 24
  • Availability:  Usually 16 days
78 670,- CZK
s DPH:95 190,7 CZK
Package content: Printer, CD-ROM

TSC MX-640 Metal Industrial Bar Code Printer, 600 dpi, 6 ips

TSC MX-640 Metal Industrial Bar Code Printer, 600 dpi, 6 ips

Just at the first sight of the printer you will certainly be attracted by large color touch panel on the front, which makes the operation much more variable and more convenient than using the buttons. However, the MX-240 can also be operated in a standard way - under the touch screen there are 6 buttons (Menu, Pause, Feed, Up, Down, and Select).
Despite its size, the MX-240 industrial bar code printer is relatively light - both internal mechanism and external housing are aluminum die castings. Precisely designed print mechanism enables fast printing (14 ips) of the very small labels (3 mm) with a 600 m long ribbon, no matter of if the ink is IN or OUT, 24 hours x 7 days without interruption. Time savings acquired from high printing speed are even magnified by the ingeniously designed print mechanism, which enables replacement of media as quickly as possible and without such problems like wrinkled ribbon or necessity of adjusting the labels to the correct line.
All the TSC bar code printers of series MX-240 are equipped with RS232, USB, parallel Centronics and Ethernet interfaces and in addition they have a slot for SDHC memory card. Additionally, your printer may be also equipped with two USB host ports and with wireless interface Bluetooth or WLAN.
TSC printers have the Thermal Smart Control technology, a patented electronic print head temperature control. Print output is sharper because of that technology and, what's even more important, printhead life is several times longer.
Thanks to the automatic recognition and the instant emulation of any of the mostly used barcode printers command sets (ZPL2 - Zebra, EPL2 - Eltron, DPL - Datamax and SBPL - Sato) is the TSC MX-240 printer easy to integrate into almost any of the user systems.
Key features of the TSC barcode printer MX-240 / MX-340 / MX-640
  • high print speed of 14 ips / 12 ips / 6 ips;
  • powerful 32-bit processor, 536 MHz multitasking;
  • 600 m ink ribbon with ink IN or OUT;
  • color touchscreen control panel;
  • ruggedness and settings stability thanks the print mechanism and housing made ??of aluminum die cast;
  • automatic emulation of ZPL2, EPL2, DPL and SBPL on the fly, without need for manual switching;
  • large memory of 128 MB Flash + 128 MB SDRAM + slot for SDHC memory card;
  • RS232, USB, Centronics, and Ethernet interfaces as standard;
  • optional wireless interface Bluetooth or WLAN;
  • Smart Thermal Control technology significantly extends printhead life and ensures sharper print output
  • optional module for encoding of and concurrent printing on RFID labels, either HF (13.56 MHz) or UHF (860 MHz - 930 MHz).

Required accessories

The device will not work without these accessories:
None available

Recommended Accessories

ARTICLE No.Name Availability Priceincl. VAT 
CLEAN-DUSTOFFCompressed air 400 ml 6 pcs 91,- CZK110,1 CZK
CLEAN-SETCleaning kit for thermal transfer printers 6 pcs 279,- CZK337,6 CZK
CLEAN-SOL-20MLCleaning solution for print heads - 20 ml 10 pcs 120,- CZK145,2 CZK
CLEAN-STICKCleaning sticks for printheads (2 pcs) 11 pcs 40,- CZK48,4 CZK
CLEAN-WIPAntistatic wipes 14cm x 16cm 62 pcs 3,- CZK3,6 CZK
SPTS-MX240-IREWKTSC Internal rewinder kit for MX-240, MX-340, MX-640 2 pcs 6 717,- CZK8 127,6 CZK
SPTS-MX240-PEELTSC Odlepovací mechanismus pro MX240, včetně interního navíječe Usually 16 days 5 615,- CZK6 794,2 CZK
TSC-IH-EW1-00TSC Warranty extension to 3 years for TSC bar code printer (MX series) On stock 4 829,- CZK5 843,1 CZK
TSC-IH-EW2-00TSC Warranty extension to 4 years for TSC bar code printer (MX series) On stock 7 524,- CZK9 104,0 CZK
TSC-IH-EW3-00TSC Warranty extension to 5 years for TSC bar code printer (MX series) On stock 12 128,- CZK14 674,9 CZK
TSC-UO-WIFITSC Wireless module for TSC printer 3 pcs 4 462,- CZK5 399,0 CZK

Recommended supplies

ARTICLE No.Name Availability Priceincl. VAT 
TTR090360VRTTR páska 90mm x 360m, vosk-pryskyřice 10 pcs 384,- CZK464,6 CZK
TTR045360VTTR páska 45mm x 360m, vosk Usually 10 days 102,- CZK123,4 CZK
TTR055360VRGTTR páska 55mm x 360m, zelená, vosk-pryskyřice 15 pcs 246,- CZK297,7 CZK
TTR055360VRBTTR páska 55mm x 360m, modrá, vosk-pryskyřice 6 pcs 246,- CZK297,7 CZK
TTR110360VRKTTR páska 110mm x 360m, vosk-pryskyřice 4 pcs 438,- CZK530,0 CZK
TTR080360RTTR páska 80mm x 360m, pryskyřice 7 pcs 451,- CZK545,7 CZK
TTR035360RTTR páska 35mm x 360m, pryskyřice 29 pcs 183,- CZK221,4 CZK
TTR035360VThermal-Transfer Ribbon, 35mm x 360m 5 pcs 79,- CZK95,6 CZK
TTR055300VRTTR páska 55mm x 300m, vosk-pryskyřice 15 pcs 182,- CZK220,2 CZK
TTR055360RKTTR páska 55mm x 360m, pryskyřice 2 pcs 329,- CZK398,1 CZK
TTR055360VThermal-Transfer Ribbon, 55mm x 360m 23 pcs 125,- CZK151,3 CZK
TTR070360VThermal-Transfer Ribbon, 70mm x 360m 20 pcs 159,- CZK192,4 CZK
TTR080360VThermal-Transfer ribbon, 80mm x 360m, wax 6 pcs 181,- CZK219,0 CZK
TTR090360VThermal-transfer ribbon, 90mm x 360m, wax 5 pcs 204,- CZK246,8 CZK
TTR100340RThermal-Transfer ribbon, 100mm x 340m, resin 4 pcs 559,- CZK676,4 CZK
TTR100340VThermal-Transfer ribbon, 100mm x 340m, wax 34 pcs 197,- CZK238,4 CZK
TTR110360VKThermal-Transfer ribbon 110mm x 360m, wax 7 pcs 249,- CZK301,3 CZK
TTR080450VOZebra TT ribbon 80mm x 450m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 2 pcs 296,- CZK358,2 CZK
TTR040450VOZebra TT ribbon 40mm x 450m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) Usually 10 days 125,- CZK151,3 CZK
TTR060450VO-ZZebra TT ribbon 60mm x 450m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 15 pcs 171,- CZK206,9 CZK
TTR083450VO-ZKZebra TT ribbon, 83mm x 450m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 12 pcs 247,- CZK298,9 CZK
TTR110450VO-ZZebra TTR ribbon 110mm x 450m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 4 pcs 362,- CZK438,0 CZK
TTR060450VROZebra TT ribbon 60mm x 450m, wax-resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) Usually 10 days 294,- CZK355,7 CZK
TTR110450VROZebra TT ribbon 110mm x 450m, wax-resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) Usually 10 days 540,- CZK653,4 CZK
TTR060450ROZebra TTR ribbon 60mm x 450m, resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 2 pcs 482,- CZK583,2 CZK
TTR110450ROZebra TTR ribbon 110mm x 450m, resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 1 pcs 883,- CZK1 068,4 CZK
TTR055340PVOTTR páska 55mm x 340m, vosk, návin OUT (TSC) 93 pcs 118,- CZK142,8 CZK
TTR060300VOZebra TT ribbon 60mm x 300m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 32 pcs and Ongoing [i] 115,- CZK139,2 CZK
TTR083300VOZebra TT ribbon 83mm x 300m, wax, inkside OUT, (Zebra/TSC) 11 pcs 175,- CZK211,8 CZK
TTR110300VOZebra TT ribbon 110mm x 300m, wax, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 41 pcs and Ongoing [i] 233,- CZK281,9 CZK
TTR060300VROZebra TT ribbon 60mm x 300m, wax-resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 2 pcs 260,- CZK314,6 CZK
TTR110300VROZebra TT ribbon 110mm x 300m, wax-resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 3 pcs 476,- CZK576,0 CZK
TTR060300ROZebra TTR ribbon 60mm x 300m, resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 30 pcs 470,- CZK568,7 CZK
TTR110300ROZebra TTR ribbon 110mm x 300m, resin, inkside OUT (Zebra/TSC) 3 pcs 861,- CZK1 041,8 CZK
TTR040300VOThermal-Transfer Ribbon, 40mm x 300m, wax, out 15 pcs 73,- CZK88,3 CZK

Technical Description:

Functionality & Operation
Print speed 152mm/sec (6 ips)
Print resolution 600dpi
Maximal print length 2540mm
Communication interface Ethernet, Parallel Centronics, RS232, USB, USB Host
1D Barcode Symbologies All standard one-dimension barcodes
2D Code Symbologies all standard 2D-Codes
Buttons Menu, Pause, Feed, Up, Down, Select
Commands set TSPL-EZDS
Display type Color touch panel 4.3”, 480 x 272 pixel
Expansion slot SD Card (SDHC)
Indicators 3 LED
Maximal print width 104mm
Memory 256MB DRAM, 128MB Flash
Minimal label length 3mm
Operation interface color touch LCD panel, 6x button
Print mode direct thermal, thermal-transfer
Touch-screen panel Yes
Sensors open print-head detector, reflective, Ribbon end sensor, transmissive, TT ribbon detector
Dimensions Width: 510mm, Height: 300mm, Length: 393mm
Weight 18kg
Body housing aluminium
Color silver
Maximal paper width 104mm
Maximal roll diameter 203mm
Media type black-marked media, continuous, datapol, die-cut, fan-fold, notch, paper and thermal-paper labels, perforated, polyethylen, Roll-feed, tags, textile ribbon, thermal labels, tickets
Minimal paper width 20mm
Ribbon width 40 to 115mm
Max. ribbon length 600m
Ribbon core diameter 25.4mm
Ink of TT ribon ink-side IN, ink-side OUT
Media thickness 0.076 to 0.305mm
Media core diameter 76.2 to 76.2mm
Operating temperature 5 to 40°C
Storage temperature -40 to 60°C
Storage humidity (non-condensing) 10 to 90%
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 25 to 85%
Certifications C-Tick Class B, CCC, CE Class B, cUL, FCC (Class B), TÜV/Safety, UL
Warranty 2 years (printer), 25000 m or 6 months (print head), 50000 m or 12 months (printing cylinder), material approved by CODEWARE
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EU FIC Allergen sample Label Download
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Setup utility for label bar code printers TSC and Birch Download
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Programmer's guide for print-languege TSPL Download
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Linux drivers for TSC printers Download
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Brief list of the most demanded TSC printers in Czech language. Download
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Windows drivers for TSC brand bar code printers from Seagull Scientific Download
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TSC: Diagnostic tool for printers Download
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Instructions for installing a TSC bar code printer into Linux and MacOS Download
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Certification for TSC printers issued by GS1 Taiwan Download
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MD5: 762f110f2580611b5c5ff7a3d2859ab0
Bartender Ultralight - label printing software, TSC version Download
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Development library for controlling TSC printers from Android environment Download
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