The OPR-3201 is an auto trigger, handheld scanner with plug and play functionality that speeds up the workforce.
Opticon OPR-3201 Laser-Barcode-Scanner gehören stand, USB-HID, Weiß
  • Herrsteller: Opticon
  • ARTIKEL Nr.: OPR-3201-UB-CR
  • Garantie (Monaten): 12
  • Verfügbarkeit:  Gewöhnlich 12 Tagen
1 509,- CZK
s DPH:1 825,9 CZK

Opticon OPR-3201 Laser-Barcode-Scanner gehören stand, USB-HID, Weiß

Opticon OPR-3201 Laser-Barcode-Scanner gehören stand, USB-HID, Weiß

The OPR-3201 is a true performer with a high plug and play factor. The laser scanner has an auto-trigger function, making hands free operating a possibility. The large pistol grip makes aiming at barcodes easy and comfortable, enabling the user to focus fully on the task at hand.
The OPR-3201 is often used in service related tasks such as product scanning in shops, administrative task or ticket control at the entrance of an event. These examples are of course just the tip of the iceberg because this scanner is one of Opticons most popular products since its birth over a decade ago. Till this day the OPR-3201 remains Opticons bestselling product.
The OPR-3201 is an auto trigger, handheld scanner with plug and play functionality that speeds up the workforce. It comes with an RS-232 USB cable and a keyboard wedge. The scanner can be ordered in black or white. The complementing stand initiates the auto trigger making hands free scanning a viable option. The larger grip of the device provides easy targeting and the ingenious placement of the scanning components in the device assure a right balance when holding. It can be plugged into any device with an USB port and it is ready to start scanning. The OPR-3201 is also lightweight with only 80 grams and can withstand drops up to 1.5 meter onto concrete.
The OPR-3201 does not require any technical knowhow to set it up and the set-up only takes a few minutes, which makes this device a quick scanner that makes life easier.
Auto-trigger option
Comfortable grip
Plug and play

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Technische Beschreibung:

Funktionalität und Betrieb
Kommunikations-Schnittstelle USB-HID
1D Strichcode Alle Standard-eindimensionale Strichcoden
Indikation 1 LED / 1 large LED ( red/green/orange)
Farbe weiss
Dimensions Breite: 109mm, Höhe: 556mm, Länge: 149mm
Weicht 80g , Ständer 385 g
Gehäusematerial ABS plastic
Lichtquelle 650 nm sichtbare Laserdiode (VLD)
Scangeschwindigkeit 100scan/s
Barcodescanner Laser
Minimal Auflösung 0.127 mm/ 5 mil.
Minimal PCS Wert 0.35, 0
Spannungsversorgung +5V ±10%
Betriebstemperatur -5 bis 50°C
Lagertemperatur -20 bis 60°C
Maximales Umgebungslicht 3000lux
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Lagerung (kondensierend nicht) 5 bis 90%
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Betrieb (kondensierend nicht) 5 bis 90%
IP Schutz IP42
Zertifizierungen CE, FCC, VCCI, JIS-C-6802 Class 2, FDA CDRH Class II, IEC 60825-1: Class 1
Garantie 12 monate
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