Fixed terminals and computers

Fixed terminals can be found in applications such as attendance, access control and parking systems, which can serve as a controller for other devices such as barcode reader, el. opening doors or gates. Special category includes logistics trolley terminals used eg in warehouses.
CipherLab CT-5100 Fixed Programmable Terminal SALE

CipherLab CT-5100 Fixed Programmable Terminal

Versatile fixed data terminal for attendance and access systems. The terminal is equipped with port for external reader (TTL RS232), internal RFID reader (MIFARE, EM), internal keyboard (21 keys including 6 function keys) and LCD display.

Honeywell Thor VM1, VM2 - vehicle mount computer

Disruptions are costly. And the only constant is change. Are you prepared to adapt? Organizations that are have turned to mobile computing technology for the flexibility they need to compete now and well into the future.
Zebex Z-7010 EasyCheck, Windows CE SALE

Zebex Z-7010 EasyCheck, Windows CE

Fixed terminal Z-7010 EasyCheck, produced by Zebex, is an ideal space-saving unit, light, yet powerfull for virtually any kiosk-type application. The device has set of large control buttons, VGA screen with touch panel, two speakers, bar code reader or RFID reader and RS232, USB, Etherner and WLAN interfaces.
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