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For mobile computers

Programs for mobile terminals, tablets with Windows and Android.

CipherLab STREAM Wireless Studio (Stream Designer + Stream Server)

Wireless Studio has intuitive graphical interface and it contains Stream Designer to develop and manage wireless AIDC solutions & Stream Server to monitor and control terminal connectivity and database transactions. It supports VT100 and VT220 terminal emulation. Powerful database management and flexible application management, host screen capture and reformat, built-in simulator for testing applications before deployment.

Codeware Mobile Asset

The software package MOBILE ASSET ON-LINE brings integration of the CipherLab wireless terminals and the Argox barcode printers to the ERP system ABRA. Data collecting is very easy and error-free thanks the terminal's portability and its built-in barcode reader. The asset's location changes created by the user in the terminal can be instantly projected to the ABRA ERP system. MOBILE ASSET fully utilizes the client-server multilayered model of communication (server is the PC application). It is able to handle the "missing barcode label" situation by instantly printing the appropriate label using the portable terminal or a PC application.

Codeware MOBILE OPERATOR - software for communication of wireless terminals with external database

Middleware for communication with wireless terminals CipherLab or terminals with compatible communication method. Allows you to set the method of processing the received data with instant obtaining of additional information from a number of sources of various types (SQL database, TXT/CSV file, a web service).

Codeware Mobile Store - Warehouse Management

MOBILE STORE, developed by Codeware, is an active system for warehouse management that facilitates integration of barcode and/or RFID methods. MOBILE STORE provides recording inventory transactions (receipt, goods issue, storage location change, stock-taking, etc.). Each such operation is reflected in the ERP system automatically. Supported devices are mobile terminals CipherLab CPT-8x70 and other brands of Windows-based mobile terminals.
Codeware Terminal Architect: software tool for creating app for mobile devices WE RECOMMEND

Codeware Terminal Architect: software tool for creating app for mobile devices

Develop your application as easy as if you played lego! Terminal Architect is a software for creation and processing application´s schemas. You can create an application schema as easy as gaming a simple child game. Then you generate your application by click on the button and download the result to a mobile computer - the second and the last step.

CipherLab Blaze: C Compiler

Development tool for all programmable terminals with CipherLab proprietary OS. Box edition.

CipherLab Activation key for HTML5 Airlock Industrial browser (Android)

Airlock Browser is a web browser enhanced by special features that allows mobile computers to perform a particular software located on a remote Web site.

Naurtech CETERM Client License - Terminal Emulation software for VT100/220, TN5250, TN3270 emulation (6X00 CE)

CETerm – Proven Mobile Access to Your Host Systems Mission-critical mobility is about achieving the tasks that run your business. Your employees work hand-in-glove with your supply chain management system, updating and acting on information that your warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or other hosted application provides. CETerm from Naurtech is the coveted mobile interface to these systems so your workers can accomplish the task at hand and get more done.


CipherLab Blaze: Basic Compiler

Development tool for all programmable terminals with CipherLab proprietary OS. Box edition.

Codeware DB-Dispatcher, communication server (Win32)

Middleware, communication TCP server. You can use it for easy connectivity build of any wireless CipherLab terminals to your system database SQL. It was tested with MySQL, Firebird, Sybase, Access, virtually it can be used with any ODBC source
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