CipherLab 1000 - ruční CCD čtečka, KBW, světlá
CipherLab 1000 - ruční CCD čtečka, KBW, světlá
ARTICLE No.: A1000-KW Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered Price:598,- exclude VAT 723,6 incl. VAT
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  4. CipherLab CCD-1000 handheld barcode reader

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CipherLab 1000 - ruční CCD čtečka, KBW, světlá

The Cipherlab CCD-1000 is very flexible, reliable and popular contact barcode scanner. Aimed on retail and library applications the CCD-1000 is ergonomically designed and allows easy operation. It is capable to recognize all standard bar code symbologies and it can edit scanned data before transmission to the PC. The CCD-1000 has revolutionary optics which makes toughest bar codes scanning as easy as children's play. CipherLab 1000 - ruční CCD čtečka, KBW, světlá
CipherLab 1000 - ruční CCD čtečka, KBW, světlá
ico ARTICLE No.: A1000-KW
Availability: Product discontinued - can not be ordered

Warranty (months): 48

Product discontinued - can not be ordered
Package content: Scanner, CD-ROM
Weight: 0.5kg


Referential installations:
  • the employment offices of the Czech Ministry Of Labour And Social Affairs (10 thousand units in total)
  • Fokus Optik, Prague
Cipherlab awards the user with a free worldwide accesible setup tool as an addition to the standard way of setting up the device using printed barcode manual.

Technical Description

Functionality & Operation
IndicatorsLED red for good read, green for status, programmable buzzer
1D Barcode SymbologiesCode 39, Italy Pharma Code, French Pharma Code, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, EAN 8, EAN 8 + ADDON 2, EAN 8 + ADDON 5, EAN 13/UPCA, EAN 13/UPCA + ADDON 2, EAN 13/UPCA + ADDON 5, UPCE, UPCE + ADDON 2, UPCE + ADDON 5, Codabar, Code 128, MSI, Plessey, UPCA, UPCA + ADDON 2, UPCA + ADDON 5
Programmable featuresCode ID, Prefix Code, Postfix Code, Length Code, Barcode type, Keyboard layout, ISBN/ISSN/UK Plessey conversion
Light sourcevisible red LED 660 nm
Depth of scan field0-120 mm (3 mil barcode)
Maximal barcode width150mm
Scanning rate200 scan/s
Resolution3 mil
Maximal skew angle40°
Maximal pitch angle70°
Bar code scanner1D Imager 1500 px
Minimal PCS value0.45
Power Source+5V ±10%
Body housingABS plastic
Operating temperature0 to 50°C
Storage temperature-20 to 60°C
Shock resistancedrop from 1 m onto concrete surface
Storage humidity (non-condensing)10 to 95%
Operating humidity (non-condensing)20 to 90%
CertificationsFCC Class A, C-Tick, CE, RoHS

Vendor code: A1000RSC00048


Obligatory accessories
None available
ARTICLE No.NameAvailabilityPricePrice incl. VAT
Recommended Accessories
None available
ARTICLE No.NameAvailabilityPricePrice incl. VAT
Optional accessories
ARTICLE No.NameAvailabilityPricePrice incl. VAT
Zebex Desktop Holder for CCD Bar Code Scanner ZBX-HOLD-C Zebex Desktop Holder for CCD Bar Code Scanner Ongoing 211,- 255,3

Download files


Language: cs
Velikost: 671.42 KB
MD5: 903456efb7b1317b5092a0dfacf47999
Configuration manual for hand bar code reader CipherLab


Language: en
Velikost: 681.58 KB
MD5: bfd21a33356f48c94d13af0dfdb612d5
Datasheet for CipherLab CCD-1000A bar code scanner Download


Language: cs
Velikost: 203.02 KB
MD5: a0b2b3d83f54a9e46f8400d8be9f881f
User guide for bar code reader CipherLab CCD-1000

Language: en
Velikost: 812.79 KB
MD5: cd2dc49c1f25cb8a253e727b80b9c1b5
This is Silicon USB virtual COM driver for CipherLab devices for Windows. It is used with most USB cradles of 8 series portable terminals and with 3610 Bluetooth USB transponder.

Language: en
Velikost: 2.42 MB
MD5: 29b209e0ceb5713a158f45d3ab735186
Utility for setting-up the CipherLab bar-code scanners


Language: en
Velikost: 604.38 KB
MD5: 687880fab88d407e454342badc2ecc4b
Data sheet for CCD bar code readers CipherLab 1000, 1070, 1100 Download

ScanMaster User Guide.pdf

Language: en
Velikost: 3.14 MB
MD5: 3e887cfdbe725626cc8d4d6098346f41
ScanMaster User Guide [Applied Models] 1000 Series, 1500 Series, 1600 Series, 1700 Series scanners

Language: en
Velikost: 1.68 MB
MD5: d3d9419d56f0e344f79e8c66e31ab762
Eavesdropping Program COM port - suitable for use all readers emulation RS232, VCOM. (Transfer from RS232 to KBW)


Language: en
Velikost: 1.82 MB
MD5: a9db91a49b166afc162d54ee0b52c577
User & Set-up guide for CipherLab 1000A bar code scanner


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