Portable batch terminal with built-in slot for high-capacity (SDHC) MicroSD card
CipherLab CPT-8200L Portable Batch Terminal, Laser, 8 MB, without cradle
  • Manufacturer: CipherLab
  • ARTICLE No.: A8200-L-08M24K
  • Warranty (months): 12
  • Availability:  6 pcs
10 957,- CZK
s DPH:13 258,0 CZK
Package content: Terminal, Battery, CD-ROM, Power supply, Communication & charging cable, Handstrap

CipherLab CPT-8200L Portable Batch Terminal, Laser, 8 MB, without cradle

CipherLab CPT-8200L Portable Batch Terminal, Laser, 8 MB, without cradle

The device has got features, which definately assure you about CipherLab CPT-8200 / CPT-8230 is the best choice for your retail application:
  • long-lasting power performance for continuous productivity. CPT-8200 runs on a rechargeable Li-ion battery - for more than 124 continuous hours between charges;
  • choice of linear imager, laser, or 2D imager barcode scanning - or, if you want it, no barcode scanner;
  • sound system is able to play VAW, MP3 files - the device may be easily used for example in storage systems with walking-talking;
  • in noisy environment can be set also vibration good read feedback (beside beep and diode flash);
  • lightweight, ergonomic form factor that easily fits in your palm and your pocket;
  • supports a variety of C and BASIC programming;
  • CipherLab Application Generator enables custom applications;
  • MicroSD card slot with SDHC support;
  • user-friendly interface and easy-to-read backlit LCD screen;
  • large internal memory for user data - up to 8 MBytes;
  • optional wireless capability - Bluetooth (WPAN) and/or WiFi (WLAN);
CipherLab portable terminal 8200 is available in the variants:
  • CPT-82xx-C with integrated CCD scanner of 1D bar code (linear imager)
  • CPT-82xx-L with integrated laser scanner of 1D bar code
  • CPT-82xx-2D with integrated 2D Imagerem
  • CPT-8200 batch off-line terminál with memory
  • CPT-8260 wireless terminal with memory and Bluetooth Class 2 communication
  • CPT-8230 wireless terminal with memory, WLAN and Bluetooth communication

Required accessories

The device will not work without these accessories:
None available

Recommended Accessories

ARTICLE No.Name Availability Priceincl. VAT 
A8200-BAGCipherLab BAG-8200 Leather Protective Case for CPT-82x0 11 pcs 1 160,- CZK1 403,6 CZK
A8200-CRDCipherLab CRD-8200 Charging & Communication Cradle USB/RS232 13 pcs 1 193,- CZK1 443,5 CZK
A8200-CRD-ECipherLab CRD-8200 Charging & Communication Cradle, Ethernet 2 pcs 2 941,- CZK3 558,6 CZK
A8200-CSA-C3CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8230: 3-year Comprehensive Warranty On stock 4 067,- CZK4 921,1 CZK
A8200-CSA-C5CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8230: 5-year Comprehensive Warranty On stock 6 013,- CZK7 275,7 CZK
A8200-CSA-E3CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8230: Standard warranty extension to 3 years On stock 1 415,- CZK1 712,2 CZK
A8200-CSA-E4CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8230: Standard warranty extension to 4 years On stock 2 476,- CZK2 996,0 CZK
A8200-CSA-E5CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8230: Standard warranty extension to 5 years On stock 3 006,- CZK3 637,3 CZK
A8200-PISTOLCipherLab Pistol Grip for CPT-82x0 7 pcs 327,- CZK395,7 CZK
A8400-CBL-RCipherLab Communication & charging RS232 cable for CPT-8200/8400/8700/9300/9600 2 pcs 364,- CZK440,4 CZK
A8400-CBL-UCipherLab Charging & Communication USB Cable for CPT-8200/8400/8700/9300/9600 14 pcs 454,- CZK549,3 CZK
B8200-BATCipherLab 8200-series Recharchable battery, Li-Ion, 1200mAh 27 pcs 930,- CZK1 125,3 CZK

Technical Description:

Functionality & Operation
Data memory 8MB SRAM
Program memory 8MB Flash
Data retention 25den
Display type 160x160 resolution white LED backlight
Keyboard 24 keys, with backlight
Programmable features BLAZE C Compiler and BASIC Compiler, FORGE Application Generator,STREAM Wireless studio, MIRROR Terminal Emulator
Communication interface RS232, USB-HID, USB-VCP
Indicators Dual-color LEDs (red/green, blue/green), vibrator, voice
Bar code scanner Laser
Main battery pack operating time 124hod
Main battery pack Li-Ion 1200 mAh, 3,7V
Dimensions Width: 32mm, Height: 58mm, Length: 136mm
Weight 150g
Operating temperature -10 to 60°C
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C
Shock resistance multiply drops from 1,2 m onto concrete surface, 5 drops on each side
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 10 to 90%
Electrical static discharge ±8kV contact, ±15kV air
Ingress protection IP54
Certifications BSMI, CCC, CE, FCC Class A, IC
Optional accessories charging and communication cradle, pistol grip, protective cover
Warranty 1 year
Bundled Accessories power supply, battery, USB Charging and Communcation Cable
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MD5: ee4264b25a7528e4282472a9a61d6454
Set-up tool for RFID reader CipherLab 1861 if it is driven from 8-series CipherLab terminal Download
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User's Guide for CipherLab CPT-8200 mobile terminal Download
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Data sheet for the CipherLab CPT-8200 series mobile terminal Download
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Quick Start Guide for CipherLab CPT-8200, CPT-8270 Download
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MD5: cf83f4a27897c1129813924d0bafc805
Applications for store operations in ERP systems ABRA G2/G3/G4 and HeliosGreen. Programs are also usable for creating the documents with output to the TXT/CSV files. Supported portable terminals: proprietary on-line/off-line terminals CipherLab CPT-8xxx and WinCE/WinMobile terminals. As a data source can be used wide range of TXT/CSV/XLS(X) files, ODBC databases and web services. Download
Size: 5.83 MB, Language: cs
MD5: 69b8618fa11aca52f273821cd1089393
Application for data collecting using the proprietary on-line terminals CipherLab CPT-8x70 or terminals with WinCE/WinMobile OS. Program can read information about the scanned code from various sources (TXT/CSV/XLS(X) files, ODBC databases, web services) and save output terminal data to the TXT/CSV files, databases or send them to the web service. Installation package also contains test settings, database, firmware for CipherLab CPT-8xxx portable terminals and basic application sheet for receiving and delivering. Download
Size: 34.01 MB
MD5: 717f86a73572e6b089fd96f85209b7ac
The complete czech support for CipherLab's proprietary off-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8200. Package contains application generator, testing application sheets a TXT lookup, BASIC runtime firmware (1.04), classic firmware, czech fonts and kernel (1.12). Download
Size: 12.57 MB, Language: cs
MD5: f465c66e9136b6e9f46f4d48d3053a5a
The complete czech support for CipherLab's proprietary on-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8230. Package contains application generator, testing application sheets, drivers, communication applications, BASIC runtime 1.06, firmware UNI 1.4.4, czech fonts, kernel 1.12 and terminal-PC communication description. Download
Size: 1.11 MB, Language: cs
MD5: 5b8fec4a0f658f2ad73abe2e5a44871f
Communication program for receiving and sending data from/to the portable off-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8x00/CPT-8x01. The application offers rich possibilities of communication parameters settings and ways to process received or sent data. Download
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MD5: 8ff886e3d3f65115d34d56812b1d080d
Complete english support for CipherLab's proprietary on-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8230. Package contains application generator, USB drivers, communication applications, BASIC runtime firmware 1.06, firmware UNI-online 1.4.4, kernel 1.12 and terminal-PC communication description. Download
Size: 739.22 KB, Language: cs
MD5: 233c60e85fa1acd647a9d8a909f4a236
.NET DLL library for communicating with proprietary CipherLab CPT-8x0x terminal (sending lookup, receiving collected data) including DEMO project in C# for MS Visual Studio 2008. Download
Size: 626.65 KB, Language: en
MD5: de4818f57bf687fa1dd727ddee9f4b05
Windows drivers USB-VCP (Virtual COM port) for terminals and cradles of CipherLab 8 series: 8000, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8700. Download
Size: 2.4 MB, Language: en
MD5: f8984b815ab974ea7a2ee55de5fbf6ba
User manual for WLAN Application Generator CipherLab FORGE Download
Size: 21.12 MB, Language: en
MD5: 5ace7cfee1baab6c428d7cf4eac79969
Application Generator (Batch) CipherLab FORGE for mobile terminals CPT-8000, CPT-8200, CPT-8300, CPT-8400, CPT-8500, CPT-8600 a CPT-8700. Include user manual, necessary firmware for terminals and another tools. Download
Size: 35.05 MB, Language: cs
MD5: 9cb7ed3952a619c88443ea2ce10ebb28
Application for managing the collecting of the municipal waste (paper, plastics, ...) by citizens. Waste collecting can be done by portable terminals CipherLab CPT-800x and CPT-8200. User can assign certain amount of points to each waste type that citizen gain after submiting one bag. Download
CipherLab Service Advantage Brochure.pdf
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Description of the additional CSA Download
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Cipher C Programming Manual for CipherLab terminals with proprietary operating system (general), part 1 Download
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MD5: b7af3142bbd2f9a101ad9be93a07779c
Cipher C Programming Manual for CipherLab terminals with proprietary operating system (general), part 2 Download
Size: 48.33 KB, Language: en
MD5: 877858cd05b7b2b71f09ecdbe73df167
Tool for uploading an SHX application to the proprietary CipherLab terminals. Application SHX can be: BASIC runtime, application generator runtime terminal emulation, etc. Download
Size: 25.57 MB, Language: cs
MD5: 79e40f7fa931c97aa37d599bd68086c7
PC application CipherNet for setting the telnet communication parameters. CPT-8xxx terminals firmware for telnet communication. Download
Size: 4.05 MB, Language: cs
MD5: c3bc480e3fbcc9ea8152047673ae9e9b
The CipherLab 9700 is a product with unusual variability, with about 1500 variants for Europe only available. The presentation compares some of the most commonly demanded configurations on the Czech and Slovak markets with the corresponding models of the different brands. Download
Size: 527.88 KB, Language: cs
MD5: baed3e57223b689df58529bedc355937
CipherLab distributor statement about compliance of 2D code scanner with GS1 recommendations for use in pharmacies and healthcare Download
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