The 8600 series mobile computer is a pioneer product of new generation. It is a combination of functionality, ruggedness, and mobility rolled all into one efficient device. The new 8600 has a color display that defines background and text with various colors to improve readability and support rich data management tasks. It runs on CipherLab OS to reduce redundancy in programs and applications for users.
CipherLab CPT-8600-2D Mobile Terminal, 2D Imager, 8MB, 29 kl.
  • Manufacturer: CipherLab
  • ARTICLE No.: A8600-2D-08M29K
  • Warranty (months): 12
  • Availability:  Usually 27 days
16 747,- CZK
s DPH:20 263,9 CZK
Package content: Terminal, Battery, Power supply, CD-ROM, Communication & charging cable

CipherLab CPT-8600-2D Mobile Terminal, 2D Imager, 8MB, 29 kl.

CipherLab CPT-8600-2D Mobile Terminal, 2D Imager, 8MB, 29 kl.

The modular charging / communication system and swappable keypad gives user flexible configuration into his hands. The 8600 series mobile computer is specifically designed with top durability in mind. Being compact and ergonomic, it’s extremely rugged with IP65 standard which is capable of enduring exposure to dust, dirt and water jets. The protection features make the 8600 series one of the toughest of its kind in the market. The 8600 series’ rugged features also have the optional hard shell that gives extra protection and ease of grip. The LCD display is covered by a polycarbonate panel protector for extra protection from hits and accidents.
The 8600 series is purposely designed with ergonomics and lightweight to provide more flexible mobility for its users. Weighing only approximately 240 grams, it allows for comfortable operation all-day with maximum mobility. It also has an optional pistol-grip that the users can employ for easier operation of intensive scanning to improves productivity. The 8600 series also comes with GPS as an option which is unique among other products of its kind. When it is required, this GPS feature can be engaged to improve accuracy of outdoor asset management and give field workers the ability to provide more complete information for management anywhere.
The most significant features of CipherLab CPT-8600 mobile terminal
  • color LCD display with polycarbonate panel protector;
  • swappable keyboard;
  • optional RFID reader;
  • optional GPS module;
  • optional pistol grip;
  • modular design of the accessories;
  • wireless capabilities of Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11 b/g/n at 8630 and 8660 models;
  • strong ruggedness and IP65 ingress protection.

Required accessories

The device will not work without these accessories:
None available

Recommended Accessories

ARTICLE No.Name Availability Priceincl. VAT 
A8600-CBLUCipherLab Communication and Charging Cable USB for CPT-8600 Usually 27 days 454,- CZK549,3 CZK
A8600-CRDCipherLab CRD-8600 Charging and communication cradle Usually 27 days 1 635,- CZK1 978,4 CZK
A8600-CSA-C3CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630: 3-year Comprehensive Warranty On stock 3 537,- CZK4 279,8 CZK
A8600-CSA-C5CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630: 5-year Comprehensive Warranty On stock 6 013,- CZK7 275,7 CZK
A8600-CSA-E3CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630: Standard warranty extension to 3 years On stock 1 768,- CZK2 139,3 CZK
A8600-CSA-E4CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630: Standard warranty extension to 4 years On stock 3 006,- CZK3 637,3 CZK
A8600-CSA-E5CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630: Standard warranty extension to 5 years On stock 3 714,- CZK4 493,9 CZK
A8600-HSHELLCipherLab Protective shell for CPT-8600 Usually 27 days 818,- CZK989,8 CZK
A8600-KB39CipherLab Removable keyboard (39 keys) for CPT-8600 10 pcs 906,- CZK1 096,3 CZK
A8600-PISTOLCipherLab Pistol grip for CPT-8600 8 pcs 492,- CZK595,3 CZK
A8600-PWRCipherLab Power adapter for 8600: 100V-240V, 5V/4A, EU Usually 27 days 553,- CZK669,1 CZK
B8600-BAT-HCipherLab CPT-8600 High Capacity Rechargeable battery, Li-Ion, 2200 mAh 4 pcs 1 819,- CZK2 201,0 CZK
B8600-BAT-SCipherLab CPT-8600 Rechargeable battery, Li-Ion, 1100 mAh 5 pcs 930,- CZK1 125,3 CZK

Technical Description:

Functionality & Operation
Data memory 8MB DRAM
Display type 2.83’’ color LCD, 240 x 320 pixels , TFT with programmable LED backlight
Data retention 25den
Indicators 2x LED (dual-color, red/green and blue/green), Vibrator, Speaker : (0.5W, 80dB@2KHz)
Keyboard 29 keys, with programmable LED backlight
Expansion slot Micro SD Card (SDHC)
Program memory 16MB Flash
CPU Type ARM Cortex-M3
Bar code scanner 2D Imager
Main battery pack Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 2200 mAh, 3,7V, Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 1100 mAh, 3,7V
Main battery pack operating time 2200 mAh: 64hod, 1100 mAh: 32hod
Dimensions Width: 30mm, Height: 60mm, Length: 170mm
Weight 240g including battery
Operating temperature -10 to 60°C
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C
Shock resistance 1000 tumbles at 1 m, Withstands multiple drops from 1,8 m to concrete, in all axis and in operating temperature range
Storage humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 95%
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 10 to 90%
Electrical static discharge ±8kV contact, ±15kV air
Ingress protection IP65
Certifications FCC, BSMI, CCC, NCC, IC, CE, RCM, SRRC, TELEC
Bundled software FORGE Batch Application Generator, Remote Console
Optional accessories battery charger, charging and communication cradle, pistol grip, protective cover, hard shell, snap-on communication & charging cable
Development tools GCC C Compiler, BASIC Compiler
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Size: 3.55 MB, Language: en
MD5: ee4264b25a7528e4282472a9a61d6454
Set-up tool for RFID reader CipherLab 1861 if it is driven from 8-series CipherLab terminal Download
Size: 1.31 MB, Language: en
MD5: 0025df37a8614567ffb277cc4c0e2f75
Data sheet for the CipherLab CPT-8600 series mobile terminal Download
Size: 626.65 KB, Language: en
MD5: de4818f57bf687fa1dd727ddee9f4b05
Windows drivers USB-VCP (Virtual COM port) for terminals and cradles of CipherLab 8 series: 8000, 8200, 8300, 8400, 8500, 8600, 8700. Download
Size: 2.7 MB, Language: en
MD5: 0797d9fd26747df19937fbb8cb0f8851
Installation and user guide for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal Download
Size: 1.06 MB, Language: en
MD5: 5505a3e1dc7cea56e8e6d3c09159b209
Programming guide in BASIC for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal, part I (basics and hardware) Download
Size: 1002.87 KB, Language: en
MD5: b49f15c5cf718c3167c1ca3582bbd486
Programming guide in BASIC for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal, part II (data communication) Download
Size: 4.62 MB, Language: en
MD5: dfe480c823e3e7b69dc5aaed83875a4b
Quick user guide for accessories of CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal Download
Size: 2.26 MB, Language: en
MD5: 8aaf608eb856160a78433b1c89e5b778
Quick start guide for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal Download
Size: 2.4 MB, Language: en
MD5: f8984b815ab974ea7a2ee55de5fbf6ba
User manual for WLAN Application Generator CipherLab FORGE Download
Size: 3.85 MB, Language: en
MD5: 2dbc3d4cc45502cdb38207ad069e069c
WLAN Application Generator CipherLab FORGE for CPT-8630 Download
Size: 21.12 MB, Language: en
MD5: 5ace7cfee1baab6c428d7cf4eac79969
Application Generator (Batch) CipherLab FORGE for mobile terminals CPT-8000, CPT-8200, CPT-8300, CPT-8400, CPT-8500, CPT-8600 a CPT-8700. Include user manual, necessary firmware for terminals and another tools. Download
Size: 188.26 KB, Language: en
MD5: 5dff4308583965b0a898db98f9ee11e1
Mirror VT Terminal Emulation for CipherLab CPT-8630 mobile terminal Download
Size: 364.25 KB, Language: en
MD5: 704d2eed622a80fe932d5a81e3b6062a
Mirror IBM-5250 Terminal Emulation for CipherLab CPT-8630 mobile terminal Download
Size: 854.85 KB, Language: en
MD5: 1fc01b7d37d2c2e0ef4265f6e647ffba
Firmware of the operating system (kernel) for CipherLab CPT-8600, CPT-8630 mobile terminals Download
Size: 2.23 MB, Language: en
MD5: b7af3142bbd2f9a101ad9be93a07779c
Cipher C Programming Manual for CipherLab terminals with proprietary operating system (general), part 2 Download
Size: 1.05 MB, Language: en
MD5: e930074c8d2e7ce0f5f433144e17fb7e
Programming guide in C Language for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal, part II (data communication) Download
Size: 2.14 MB, Language: en
MD5: 92ae73bc10138dfa21bded78b7379264
Programming guide in C Language for CipherLab CPT-8600 / CPT-8630 / CPT-8660 mobile terminal, part I (basics and hardware) Download
Size: 7.48 MB
MD5: 4d02a8f0a9f57bed39f84c480f975a57
The complete english support for CipherLab's proprietary on-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8630. Package contains application generator, communication applications, BASIC runtime firmware, classic firmware, kernel and terminal-PC communication description. Download
Size: 26.87 MB
MD5: 090b5bbb652a502dbc6d4c5660c0ff1f
The complete czech support for CipherLab's proprietary off-line terminal CipherLab CPT-8600. Package contains application generator, testing application sheets and TXT lookup, applications for sending and receiving data, BASIC runtime firmware, classic firmware and kernel. Download
Size: 48.33 KB, Language: en
MD5: 877858cd05b7b2b71f09ecdbe73df167
Tool for uploading an SHX application to the proprietary CipherLab terminals. Application SHX can be: BASIC runtime, application generator runtime terminal emulation, etc. Download
Size: 25.57 MB, Language: cs
MD5: 79e40f7fa931c97aa37d599bd68086c7
PC application CipherNet for setting the telnet communication parameters. CPT-8xxx terminals firmware for telnet communication. Download
Size: 4.05 MB, Language: cs
MD5: c3bc480e3fbcc9ea8152047673ae9e9b
The CipherLab 9700 is a product with unusual variability, with about 1500 variants for Europe only available. The presentation compares some of the most commonly demanded configurations on the Czech and Slovak markets with the corresponding models of the different brands. Download
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Question to product CipherLab CPT-8600-2D Mobile Terminal, 2D Imager, 8MB, 29 kl.

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