CipherLab RS50 series is a new touch mobile computer, which is well-balanced between ruggedness and user-friendly form factor to deliver superior user experience. Tailored for user’s demands in logistics, field service, and warehousing, the RS50 series runs in Android 6.0 operating system and is equipped with a 4.7’’ multi-touch display, wireless communications, application software, and development tools. All these featured designs are protected under the industrial standard up to IP67 to assure the performance in any harsh environments.
CipherLab RS50: Robuster-Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit
  • Herrsteller: CipherLab
  • ARTIKEL Nr.: RS50-2DR-U
  • Garantie (Monaten): 12
  • Verfügbarkeit:  1 stück
25 556,- CZK
s DPH:30 922,8 CZK
Packung Inhalt: Akku, Betrieb selbst, Netzteil, Kommunikazions- u. Storm-USB-Kabel

CipherLab RS50: Robuster-Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit

CipherLab RS50: Robuster-Smartphone, Android, 2D, WiFi dual band, WPAN, WWAN - 3G/LTE, RFID, NFC, USB Kit

When you need a smartphone form factor with robust protection for use in logistics, on-site service, warehousing and similar, the RS50 is the perfect solution. Running on Android 6.0, this tough enterprise mobile computer is IP67-rated and survives multiple 1.8m drops to concrete. Integrated WWAN, WLAN and WPAN take care of voice and data comms and there’s a choice of integrated barcode readers. With the enterprise in mind there are USB-connected cradles and ethernet comms. When the working environment is harsh, the RS50 is the smarter choice.
Key Features of Smartphone CipherLab RS50:
  • Full version of Android 6.0 with GMS
  • The fastest Cortex A56 processor, octa-core, 2 GHz
  • USB 2.0 OTG communication interface
  • Long battery life, up to 12 hours after charging
  • 2 Dual SIM - 2 slots for 2 SIM cards + memory card slot
  • RFID and NFC reader as standard
  • 4.7" capacitive touch display
  • IP67
  • Built-in multi-touch panel
  • Protective layer of display: Corning Gorilla Glass 3
  • battery backup with Hot swap
  • Lightweight 330 g
  • Camera 8 MPix
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 2D Imager
  • Supported by the Sysdev KALIPSO Mobile Application Generator software development tool

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RS50-CARCRD1CipherLab Aufladungs-PKW-Halter für RS50, fixiert Unterwegs [i] 3 297,- CZK3 989,4 CZK
RS50-CRDCipherLab Aufladungs- u. Kommunikazions-Ständer für RS50 2 Stücke 6 697,- CZK8 103,4 CZK
RS50-CSA-C3CipherLab RS50: 3 Jahre-Umfassende-Ggarantie am Lager 6 611,- CZK7 999,3 CZK
RS50-CSA-C5CipherLab RS50: 5 Jahre-Umfassende-Ggarantie am Lager 9 550,- CZK11 555,5 CZK
RS50-CSA-E3CipherLab RS50: Standardgarantieverlängerung auf 3 Jahren am Lager 2 755,- CZK3 333,6 CZK
RS50-CSA-E4CipherLab RS50: Standardgarantieverlängerung auf 4 Jahren am Lager 4 591,- CZK5 555,1 CZK
RS50-CSA-E5CipherLab RS50: Prodloužení standardní záruky na 5 let am Lager 5 877,- CZK7 111,2 CZK
SD-KAL-LUASysdev Kalipso Professional - 1 Jahr Licenz-Upgrade Sicherung Gewöhnlich 2 Tagen 7 408,- CZK8 963,7 CZK
SD-KAL-PROSysdev Kalipso Professional Gewöhnlich 2 Tagen 58 967,- CZK71 350,1 CZK
STYLUS-CAPStylus für kapazitive Display, mit Haltegurt Gewöhnlich 26 Tagen 205,- CZK248,1 CZK

Technische Beschreibung:

Ausdauer der Hauptbaterrie 12 Stunden
Hauptbatterie Wiederaufladbare Li-Ionen-Batterie 3.8V, 5300 mAh, Wiederaufladbare Li-Ionen-Batterie 3.8V, 4000 mAh
Weicht 330g
Dimensions Breite: 80mm, Höhe: 162mm, Länge: 26mm
Farbe schwarz, gelb
Funktionalität und Betrieb
Betriebssystem Android
Speicher 16GB Flash, 2 GB RAM
CPU Type Cortex A53 Octa-core Up to 2.0 GHz
Expansion slot Micro SD Card (SDHC)
Kommunikations-Schnittstelle USB
Funkkommunikation WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
1D Strichcode Alle Standard-eindimensionale Strichcoden
2D-Strichcode alle standarde 2D-Codes
RFID Transponderprotokolle 13.56 MHz ISO 14443A (Mifare), ISO 14443B, ISO 15693
Tastatur dedicated scan key,programmable keys,volume up and down keys,left and trigger keys
Sensoren Lichtsensor, Annäherungssensor, Beschleunigungsmesser, E-Kompass
Barcodescanner 2D Imager
Kamera 8 MPix, mit Autofokus
Betriebstemperatur -20 bis 50°C
Lagertemperatur 70 bis 0°C
Schockfestigkeit Fall von 1,8 m auf Betonboden
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Lagerung (kondensierend nicht) 5 bis 95%
Luftfeuchtigkeit bei Betrieb (kondensierend nicht) 10 bis 90%
Elektrostatische Entladung ±8kV Kontact / ±15kV Luft
IP Schutz IP67
Zertifizierungen CE, Green, NCC, FCC, CB, RoHS, REACH, WEEE
Software Reader Configuration, Button Assignment, SOTI MobiControl, App-Lock, Kalipso Mobile Application Generator
Garantie 12 monate
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Datasheet for CipherLab RS50 rugged smartphone Download
Dateigröße: 4.05 MB, Sprache: cs
MD5: c3bc480e3fbcc9ea8152047673ae9e9b
The CipherLab 9700 is a product with unusual variability, with about 1500 variants for Europe only available. The presentation compares some of the most commonly demanded configurations on the Czech and Slovak markets with the corresponding models of the different brands. Download
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