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Various devices and gadgets that you may need to increase comfort of customers in your supermarket or to accelerate and improve operations in your shop.
Birch DS-715 Price Checker WE RECOMMEND

Birch DS-715 Price Checker

The Birch DS-715 is a professional price-checker of compact design shape with seamless built-in 20-line omni-directional laser scanner, high bright graphical LCD display supporting text, animations and pictures.

Zebra Motorola, MK500 Micro Kiosk

Improve customer service and the customer experience with the latest innovation in self-service technology, Motorola’s MK500 Micro Kiosk. This compact, easy-to-install and affordable device allows retailers to put the power of self-service in every aisle or department. So, no matter where in the store your customers might be, help is never more than a few steps away.
CipherLab MSR-1023 Magnetic Stripe Reader WE RECOMMEND

CipherLab MSR-1023 Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic stripe reader. Select please required interface cable from the list of accessories.
Vikintek MSR-2000 / MSR-2100 / MSR-2700 Magtetic Stripe Reader FINAL SALE

Vikintek MSR-2000 / MSR-2100 / MSR-2700 Magtetic Stripe Reader

This card reader is available in dual or triple track configuration. It reads high&low coercivity magnetic stripes (300 - 4000 oe). It has ultra compact size and programmable track format. It is CE FCC certified.

Birch PKB-111 POS keyboard, 111 keys

Programmable keyboard with 111 keys, optionally equipped with bar code slot reader or with magnetic cards slot reader.

Vikintek SCR-5200

SMART Card Reader with USB Interface.

Zebex Z-6910 Bi-optic Omnidirectional In-Counter Bar Code Scanner

The Zebex Z-6910 is the most powerful barcode scanner suitable for demanding, high-volume retail applications, providing continuous operation and low maintenance costs. Barcode reading is provided by two horizontal omnidirectional laser sensors and two vertical omnidirectional laser sensors. All the models have an EAS connection option, the Z-6910MS version has additionally a built-in scale.
Zebex Z-7010 EasyCheck, Windows CE FINAL SALE

Zebex Z-7010 EasyCheck, Windows CE

Fixed terminal Z-7010 EasyCheck, produced by Zebex, is an ideal space-saving unit, light, yet powerfull for virtually any kiosk-type application. The device has set of large control buttons, VGA screen with touch panel, two speakers, bar code reader or RFID reader and RS232, USB, Etherner and WLAN interfaces.

Birch PZ Stand for Panel PC, A8TS, Black

By mounting of that stand on a panel PC/A8TS with touch screen you will have a very handy space-saving touch screen POS system. On the front of the stand can be the customer display VFD-7000 added for even more flexibility.
Birch Interface converter from RJ11 to USB FINAL SALE

Birch Interface converter from RJ11 to USB

A converter that turns Your classical POS cash drawer controlled through a receipt printer (POS-203, POS-423, POS-523, FT-406) to a cash draver plugged to USB port of Your system.

Birch Waterproof Cover for PKB-111 POS Keyboard

transparent cover, good for applications, where spill of liquid may happen - e.g. restaurants, drinks shops
Birch POS-41x Náhradní vnitřek FINAL SALE
Birch POS-50x Náhradní vnitřek FINAL SALE

Codeware RFID module with keyboard for opening a cash drawer using a chip

Do your employees log in to the POS workplace using an RFID keyfob? If so, our technical solution for opening a cash drawer is offered directly with the same key!
Birch POS-20x Banknote tray FINAL SALE

WLAN & Bluetooth kit for Czar POS system

Wireless network card 802.11b/g/n/a/ac up to 867Mbps, Bluetooth 4.0, PCI Express Half Mini, frequency band 2.4GHz/5GHz

Birch SP: Internal Folder for POS-423

Spare interior for cash drawer contains a banknotes tray and coins compartment.

Birch SP: Internal Folder for POS-523

Spare interior for cash drawer contains a banknotes tray and coins compartment.


Birch Internal Folder for POS-303, without lid FINAL SALE

Birch MSR & iButton reader for A8TS and IT-7000, black

Two-track magnetic card and touch identification Dallas iButton chip reader mountable on the side of screen the Birch brand POS systems. The interface is USB (HID).
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