Rugged industrial (IP65) UHF RFID reader with long reading/writing distance, designed for warehouse or manufacture process automatization.
Deister UDL500 RFID Reader/Writer 868 MHz, mit integrierte Antenna, RS485
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  • ARTIKEL Nr.: UDL500-RS485
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Deister UDL500 RFID Reader/Writer 868 MHz, mit integrierte Antenna, RS485

Deister UDL500 RFID Reader/Writer 868 MHz, mit integrierte Antenna, RS485

ISO 18000-6C and EPC transponder protocols are supported. Firmware can easily be flashed. This ensures that your investment will be long lasting and makes future innovations easy. Gate and other multiple reading applications can be easily achieved with the addiitional DCU1 Data Control Unit.
Highlighted features:
  • easy installation, no coax-cable and power measurement are needed
  • fully self-contained and compact
  • integrated and factory tuned antennas for maximum range
  • optimally calibrated transmitter power
  • large LED display for user feed-back
  • plug & play solution
Dimensions (mm):640 x 280 x 75Housing:ABS/PMMA, silverProtection Class:IP 65Operating Temperature:-20 °C … +70 °CStoring Temperature:-40 °C ... +85 °CRelative Humidity:5 % … 95 % non-condensingPower Supply:10 … 30 V/DCPower Consumption:10 W (operation)
2 W (standby)
Operating Frequency:865-868 MHz (EU) or 902-928 MHz (USA)Reading/Writing Range:up to 5 m, depending on type of transponder and environmental conditionsRadiated Transmit Power:2 W E.R.P. (ETSI EN 302 208), or 3.2 W E.I.R.P. (FCC Part 15) configurableTransponder Protocols:ISO 18000-6 C EPC Class1 Gen 2 Optional: EM 4022, 4222, 4422Trigger Input:8-36 V/DCDigital Output:6-32 V/DC; I<500 mA 32-48 V/DC; I<300 mAInterface:RS485Anticollision:Identification of several transponders in the antenna fieldConformity:Human exposure EMC Air Interface (EU) Optional: Air Interface (US) FCC Part 15 EN 50364 EN 301 489 EN 302 208 (LBT) EN 300 220

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DE-CB1-USBDeister UDL Interface Converter RS485 - Ethernet 2 Stücke 16 014,- CZK19 376,9 CZK
DE-PWR-12VDeister Zdroj energie 100-240V, 12V 1.25A pro UDL 5 Stücke 2 065,- CZK2 498,7 CZK
DE-UDL-CBLDeister Připojovací kabel pro RFID čtečku UDL 1 stück 2 791,- CZK3 377,1 CZK
UDL-CBL-CC2Deister CC2 Konnektionskabel für UDL-250, UDL-500 1 stück 1 214,- CZK1 468,9 CZK
UDL-CNV-RS485-UDeister UDL Interface Converter RS485/USB 3 Stücke 7 693,- CZK9 308,5 CZK
UDL250-HOL1Deister UDL025 Holder, Ball Joint Bracket 2 Stücke 4 770,- CZK5 771,7 CZK

Technische Beschreibung:

Funktionalität und Betrieb
Frequenz UHF: 865 - 868 MHz (EU)
Schreib-/Lesereichweite 5m
Kommunikations-Schnittstelle RS-485, USB
RFID Transponderprotokolle ISO 18000-6C
Spannungsversorgung 10...30 VDC
Energieverbrauch - Standby 2W
Energieverbrauch im Betrieb 10W
Dimensions Breite: 640mm, Höhe: 75mm, Länge: 280mm
Gehäusematerial ABS plastic, PMMA, Aluminium
Betriebstemperatur -20 bis 70°C
Lagertemperatur -40 bis 85°C
Relative Luftfeuchtigkeit (kondensierend nicht) 5 bis 95%
IP Schutz IP65
Zertifizierungen FCC Part 15, EN 302208
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User guide Download
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Deister RFID readers driver for Windows Download
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MD5: 5fe255b2efe626f91ccdcab30ed62b07
Demonstration utility for Deister RFID readers Download
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