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Sysdev Kalipso Professional
  • Manufacturer: Sysdev
  • Warranty (months): 6
  • Availability:  Usually 2 days
58 841,- CZK
s DPH:71 197,6 CZK

Sysdev Kalipso Professional

Sysdev Kalipso Professional

Kalipso allows you to create your professional applications in less time and with fewer costs without the need to be an expert developer. We don't have Royalties / Extra Fees.You're able to develop as many apps as you want.
Use actual and emergent technologies without writing code, simply drag and drop what you need.
Key features:
  • Free runtimes
  • Code Abstraction
  • RFID / NFC Systems
  • Barcode 1D/2D control and EAN128 parser
  • Easy and intuitive interface
  • Access your database online or offline
  • Communications
  • Control your terminal
  • GPS
  • DLL's
  • Android, Windows Mobile/CE, Desktop, IOS(soon)
  • ODBC/OLEDB, FTP, Web services, Receive/Send any file
  • Synchronization
  • Signature and image control
  • Manage your e-mail and SMS easily
  • Multi language
  • Printing
  • Tecnical Support

Required accessories

The device will not work without these accessories:
None available

Recommended Accessories

None available

Is accessory for:

RS50-REPRECipherLab RS50: Rugged Smartphone, Android
RS31-REPRECipherLab RS31: Enterprise Smartphone, Android
A9700-REPRECipherLab CP-9700 Rugged Mobile Computer

Technical Description:

Functionality & Operation
Communication interface ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4
Signal coverage 30m depending on environment characteristics
1D Barcode Symbologies Codabar, Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, EAN 13/UPCA, EAN 13/UPCA + ADDON 2, EAN 13/UPCA + ADDON 5, EAN 8, EAN 8 + ADDON 2, EAN 8 + ADDON 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI, Plessey, UPCA, UPCA + ADDON 2, UPCA + ADDON 5, UPCE, UPCE + ADDON 2, UPCE + ADDON 5
2D Code Symbologies Aztec, Data Matrix, Data Matrix (ECC200 only), MaxiCode, PDF417, QR code, MicroPDF417, Micro QR Code
Trigger mode Manual, multiple read, auto-trigger, stand detection
Light source visible red LED 630nm, visible green LED 527nm
Optical system CMOS area sensor, SXGA (1.3 million pixels), gray scale
Depth of scan field 25-130 mm (res 0.399 mm / 13 mil), 48-80 mm (res 0.127 / 5 mil), 30-105 mm (res. 0.25 / 10 mil), 55-75 mm (res. 0.1 / 4 mil)
Maximal skew angle 60°
Maximal pitch angle 50°
Focal plane 85mm in from window
Curvature R>15 mm (EAN8), R>20 mm (EAN13)
Minimal resolution 0.1 mm / 4 mil - Code 39, 0.127 mm / 15 mil - PDF417 at PCS 0.9
Minimal PCS value 0.45
Main battery pack Li-Ion 1150 mAh, 3,6V
Main battery pack operating time 30hod (1 scan / 5 sec)
Charging method via enclosed AC adapter OPA 1001 or optional charger CHG 4001
Battery charging time 3hod
Dimensions Width: 164mm, Height: 59mm, Length: 43mm
Weight 125g
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Storage temperature -20 to 60°C
Maximal ambient light 10000lux fluorescent, 100000lux direct sunlight
Shock resistance drop from 1,5 m onto concrete surface
Storage humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 90%
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 5 to 90%
Electrical static discharge ±15kV air
Certifications CE, FCC Class A, RoHS, VCCI
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