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Codeware MOBILE ASSET für Abra G2/G3 (Server)
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Codeware MOBILE ASSET für Abra G2/G3 (Server)

Codeware MOBILE ASSET für Abra G2/G3 (Server)

The ABRA system is also used for the asset administration (adding, deleting the record in asset file, ...) when no stocktaking is being performed. The ABRA, the product of the Aktis company, Ltd., is the complex ERP system with a 3-level client/server architecture. The ABRA G2 or ABRA G3 was used aproximatelly by 8000 clients in 2105.
The MOBILE ASSET is an application for creating the asset stocktakings (for long-term tangible assets, long-term intangible assets, minor tangible assets, minor intangible assets) and for managing them. The installation package includes the MOBILE ASSET application (for communication with the wireless CipherLab terminals - Bluetooth or WiFi - and with the ABRA system), the user firmware and user sheet for the individual terminals and the Firebird database.
The user can choose whether the source database (where the information about the asset can be found) is remote main ABRA database or a local application's database. If the source database is set as local, the user can import the current asset state from the ABRA from a distant place - this capability is useful if the application cannot reach the system's database).
The application is able to create and display the stocktaking printed reports (differencies, final report and overall report) for chosen locations, separatelly for the long-term asset and the minor asset. It is also possible to create barcode labels with the asset information and print them either from the application or using the portable terminal. The MOBILE ASSET contains tools for managing the created asset documents (clear, delete, transfer to another user, finish/reopen the document) and tools for transferring the particular asset to different location (if the request is created from the portable terminal).
The MOBILE ASSET installation package contains:
  • an application for communication with the CipherLab Bluetooth/WiFi terminals
  • a module for carrying out stocktaking and for creating stocktaking reports
  • a module for printing the barcode labels with the asset information
  • a module for asset data import between the ABRA database and the local database of the MOBILE ASSET
Terminal communication
The on-line terminals are connected during work to the ABRA database or to the local application's database using the ODBC interface. This connection is used for finding the information about the asset's cards, its supposed location, ... in real-time.
Stocktaking documents in the MOBILE ASSET application
User can start up to 10 stocktaking processes of every type simultaneously, edit them at will and finish them in any order (once the document is finished, it cannot be edited unless it is unlocked again by an administrator). Detailed settings for each type of stocktaking can be found in the MOBILE ASSET application. Portable terminal operator can use the same operations for all types of asset documents (Continue document, Edit document, Difference report, Complete document, Delete document).
Unsorted by asset type
Can be used for creating the asset stocktaking regardless to the asset kind (asset, minor asset). It is possible to set the document's name and type in or choose the location (code or name) while creating the new stocktaking document. Once these data are successfully validated operator can start to scan barcodes from the assets in the chosen location. After an asset is scanned the information about it is displayed on the portable terminal's screen (the inventory number, the name, the purchase price, ...). The user adds the inventory number of the asset's component (if any) and the asset's quantity, and confirms it. It is possible to change the application's settings so the asset's code and the code of the component can be coded in one barcode (e.g. 123-456 where '123' is the asset's code and the '456' is the asset component's code).
Long-term assets
You can carry out the stocktaking of only the long-term asset. The minor assets are taken as unknown, unless there is a match between the codes or the inventary numbers of these to kinds of assets. The other parameters are the same as above.
Minor assets
User can carry out the stocktaking only of the minor asset. The other asset types are taken as unknown. The parameters are the same as before except of the field for the asset component.
It displays information about the typed/scanned assets (or minor assets). The inventory number, the component's inventory number (if any), the purchase price, the location's code, the responsible person\'s name, etc. are displayed.
Barcode labels print
The MOBILE ASSET application offers you the possibility to print the labels with the assets information on the barcode printers. The label dimensions and the label format are optional.
Asset reports
The asset reports of the MOBILE ASSET are created as HTML files. You can open these files in any internet browser.
Hardware requirements for the MOBILE ASSET ON-LINE for the ABRA system
  • any BlueTooth, WLAN (WiFi) or GPRS portable wireless CipherLab terminal
  • a WiFi Access Point, a BlueTooth Access Point, a BlueTooth dongle or a GSM phone with Bluetooth and GPRS enabled
  • a barcode printer is recommended
The software package contains
  • Tools for creating documents and processing the asset stocktaking
  • All components are multilingual (czech + english, other languages can be easily added)

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Simple application for printing labels with barcodes to the printers installed in Windows systems. The TXT/CSV/XLS(X) files or ODBC databases can be used as a data source. The graphic editor of the print templates is also part of the program. Download
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