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Zusätzliche optionale Zubehör für Handheld-Barcode- und RFID-Lesegeräte.

Dokki DOKKI - docking stations for data collectors OPN-2001 and OPN-2002

Docking station with mini-USB connector for Opticon´s data collectors OPN-2001 and OPN-2002. - elegant design - easy and simple to use - single handed operation - no more searching for your USB cable - charging and communication (via USB) - no drivers needed - use the USB cable that came with your scanner

Dokki Rubber Protection Case for Opticon OPN-2001, OPN2005, OPN2006

This silicone case fully encloses the scanner, offering maximum protection for your scanner without compromising it's functionality.
CipherLab Power Supply CipherLab 5V/2A für CPT, CRD WIR EMPFEHLEN
Zebex Desktop-Halter für CCD-Barcode-Leser WIR EMPFEHLEN


Honeywell Captuvo SL22 - Enterprise sled for Apple iPod touch

The sleek, compact and stylish Captuvo SL22 transforms the popular and familiar Apple® iPod touch® into an enterprise-ready device that provides sales associates with instant access to product information and enables customer checkout, anywhere in the store.
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