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TSC Comprehensive Warranty for TSC bar code printer

TSC extended warranty program enables users to protect their investment and ensures their label printer is always in top working condition. This is an extension to TSC’s original two-year warranty, which is already longer than any other competitor’s. Warranty including print head.

Label rewinder

Universal label rewinder made in Czech Republic. It serves for rewinding up the label strip from some kind of the barcode thermal or thermotransfer printer. Maximal label width is 108 mm, maximal roll diameter is 200 mm. Speed of the label rewinder is 125 mm/s or 250 mm/s (all depends on model).

Cleaning kit for thermal transfer printers

Products specially designed for printer maintenance.
TSC Print head module 600 dpi for TTP-644M Pro FINAL SALE

TSC TRW-4+ Universal Labels Rewinder, 500 mm/sec

Don´t get dizzy from that speed! The fastest label rewinder on the market with a unique mechanism for setting the holder. Why not get a rewinder that will allow you to use a wider range of sockets to save you money.

TSC Wireless module for TSC printer

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, the wireless printing option to any TSC desktop or industrial printer with RS232 interface. It is ideal for facilities where production lines are frequently being reconfigured or where cabling is either inconvenient or impossible.


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