Warranty conditions

Liability for defects of the item sold (warranty)

The device has been tested before shipment and the seller is responsible for its features described in the user manual under the conditions that it is installed and used in accordance with the instructions given there. The seller provides the Buyer with a warranty for correct operation of the product in the duration according to the warranty period specified in the Warranty/Packing Sheet.

The provided guarantee for delivered goods is within the scope of the provisions of the Commercial Cooperation Act and the Civil Code. Liability for defects of the sold goods in which the defect has occurred lasts for 6 months since the date of sale.

1. Warranty period

The supplied goods, except for cutters and peel-off modules for printers, label pliers, accumulators, software, print heads, plastic covers, connectors, cables and final sale goods, are subject to warranty as stated in the Warranty/Packing List.

Software, accumulators, cutters and peel-off modules for printers, labels, plastic covers, connectors and cables are warranted for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase, even if they are a part of the device.

Print heads are guaranteed only if they are used permanently for thermal transfer printing (printing using the thermal ribbon) for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase or 1,000,000 printed inches (which situation occurs first). There is a warranty of 6 months for printers and pressure rollers for printers.

The laser bar code reading engines are warranted for 1 year.

The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the goods to the customer or to the contractual carrier. The warranty period is suspended by the receipt of the goods to the repair and continues from the date of pick up the repaired goods. If the buyer does not pick up the repaired goods, the warranty period continues on the day when the seller calls buyer for pick up the goods. The date of the call is recorded in the Warranty Service Record.

2. Warranty sheet

The Warranty Sheet is a part of the Packing List and provides the warranty period for the purchased goods.

Buyer is obliged to submit a valid warranty sheet to the seller when claiming the repair. If the buyer does not provide the warranty sheet, the seller will not accept the claim for in-warranty repair.

3. Method of handling a claim for warranty repair

Buyer applies a claim at the vendor's service point. To file a complaint, the Buyer will submit:

  • proof of purchase of the goods for which the guarantee is claimed
  • warranty sheet
  • purchased goods including original packaging and all accessories
  • reports of all previous repairs if the goods has been claimed for repair repeatedly

The transportation cost of the claimed goods to the service center is paid by the buyer. The transportation cost of the goods from the service center to the buyer's address is paid by the seller.
If the warranty claim is proven to be unjustified, the buyer will cover all the costs associated with its settlement. If the buyer requires a repair on site, he will pay the travel costs to the seller in the amount specified by the seller's current pricelist and for warranty repairs. In the case that the repair is not recognized as a warranty, the travel expenses will be paid to the seller together with compensation for the loss of time spent on the way and for full repair as specified by the seller's current price list.

The Seller is entitled to consider whether any of the specified warranty exceptions listed in the Article 4 of this document will be applied. If the defect is listed in the mentioned Article 4, the buyer will pay the costs of defect removal. In exceptionally controversial cases, the seller will submit the alleged defect to the manufacturer directly, and both parties will respect the final decision of the manufacturer as final and decisive.

In case the goods is not marked with the original label with the type designation and with the production label, the seller is entitled to charge the buyer the cost of searching the database with the fee of EUR 20.

In the case of replacement of the goods the warranty period is not extended.

Buyer - end consumer
In accordance with the Section 2, paragraph 1, letter a) of Act No. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, the consumer is a natural person who does not act in the course of his business or in the independent exercise of his profession.
If the buyer is consumer, the seller decides the warranty claim immediately, in complex cases within three business days. This period does not include a period of time appropriate to the type of product or service needed to expertly assess the defect.
The warranty claim including the repairl of the defect will CODEWARE process without undue delay, no later than 30 days after the date of claim submission. The 30-day deadline can be extended only after consultation with the consumer.

Buyer - entrepreneur
If the buyer is entrepreneur, the seller will decide about warranty claim within 40 days from the date of claiming. The buyer will be informed about the decision by e-mail.

4. Exceptions from the warranty

The warranty provided to the buyer does not apply to defects in purchased goods if:

  • the warranty seal on the goods has been removed or damaged
  • defects are caused by operation inconsistent with the operating instructions
  • defects are caused by mechanical damage (fall, stroke, plugging, burning of contacts, etc.)
  • the product has being repaired or its installation has been modified by a person other than the authorized service agent of the vendor
  • defects are caused by transportation, inappropriate placement or storage in humid, dusty or chemically and otherwise unsuitable environments
  • defects are caused by discharged batteries
  • defects are caused by the penetration of foreign matter into the product (sand, ash, water, etc.)
  • the buyer claims a printer defect or print head defect but he does not use thermo-transfer ribbons either directly delivered by the seller or approved by the seller
  • the buyer claims a printer print head defect but he use the thermal printing method (printing without thermal-transfer ribbon)
  • the buyer has connected the goods to an electrical network that does not comply with the relevant ISO standard

5. The repair of goods, the time limit for pick up the repaired product

The buyer is obliged to pick up the repaired goods within one month from the message that the repair has been completed. Failing this, the seller will call the buyer for the goods pick up within the given deadline. If the buyer will not pick up the repaired goods even after the deadline given in the call, the seller has the right to dispose the buyer's goods at his own discretion.

6. Buyer's consent with the warranty terms

By accepting the goods and not objecting to the functionality of the goods purchased, to the Delivery/Warranty Sheet and to the Warranty Terms and Conditions within one month from the date of acceptance, it is assumed that the Buyer agrees to the seller's warranty terms and declares that he has learned about their contents.

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